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Affiliated to Tamilnadu Dr. MGR Medical University, Guindy, Chennai 


In Tamilnadu, there are around 32 developing districts. Some of the districts like Ramnad and Sivagangai are in penury. The most pathetic of there is Kilanjunai, a remote village. It consists of twenty other villages such as Vadavirkai, Vellanenthal, Pettanvalasai, Aakavayal, Pookulam, Thirukali, Valvanoor - East, North, South, Alavidankaan, Vandal - South, North, Madakottai, Muthoor, Kadukai, Kattanoor, Nalloor, Sangani and Panjathi. These villages of Kilanjunai are abandoned by the society.



​            Kilanjunai known for its poverty and insufficiency came to light in 1882 when S.P.G Mission probed in. This mission established St.Andrew Church with a hope to reach the impoverished. In 1931, the early missionaries commenced their service by serving lepers when there was no medical facilities. They compassion for lepers was immeasurable.

            The most remarkable was Dr.Ms.Jones. She was a pioneer in treating leprosy patients, T.B. and other skin diseases. Moreover, she started emergency unit, surgical unit and delivery unit trying to broaden the vision. Later Dr.Riggs voluntary effort, formed  a team and worked ceaselessly by conducting frequent medical camps. Thus their team work could reach 25 villages successfully. Ample number of lepers and other diseased were benefited and healed. His individual effort also was fruitful and reached the hearts of many.

​            The lifeless hospital was revitalized and become vivacious. it gave hope to many and sheltered many.

​            After the Independence, it was time for these missionaries to return to their homeland......

            Due to lack of monetary and penury, the hospital buildings ended dilapidated. There is no facility for Doctor's accommodation. Further due to lack of transportation and  road facilities, the C.S.I Hospital at Kilanjunai dwindled to nothing.

​             The hospital which was once raised by shedding sweat is in ruins now. The place which pulsed with energy is now the navigating place for Bats.

             Kilanjunai is known for its defective transportation, medical care and education. Further it is a village dominated by superstition and tradition. The village has a picture of a deserted look. The hospital served as a backbone to the entire village. It sheltered 8 lepers who were aliented by their families. It now stands lifeless and lost its reliability. Left to such a pathetic state, the C.S.I Jeyaraj Annapackiam College of Nursing adopted it in 1994. Though this college prevails in the city of Madurai, it has taken considerate initiative to render medical aids and services to these villages giving no botheration to distance.